Sometimes your home may be on the market for days, weeks, or months before new homeowners move in. During that time, Your empty house could fall victim to vandalism or burglary while it’s on the market- don’t let that happen. Keep an eye out for any signs of trouble when people are coming over (like broken windows) and fix them before they become big problems. 

These tips help you protect your vacant home :

1. Close and secure all windows and doors:

The first thing you should do when leaving your home is to check all windows and doors for safety. This task may seem obvious, but it’s often forgotten during a stressful move.

2. Save the interior:

To keep your vacant home safe, set the thermostat to a steady temperature in order not to have frozen pipes during winter and replace any batteries. Seal pet doors so pests cannot get inside of your property.

3. Clear all valuables from the home:

Keep in mind that even if you’re producing your home for potential buyers, it’s important to stick with the basics and make sure all valuables are with you including expensive electronics, TVs, jewelry, and valuable artwork.

4. Maintain yardwork

To keep your vacant home safe, make sure the lawn and driveway are shoveled so that thieves don’t assume the property has been left isolated. You should also trim branches that could fall on top of you during a storm or cause damage to the roof from rainwater accumulation in gutters.

5. Use indoor/outdoor lighting

The easiest way to make your home look like it’s still being occupied is by using lighting. Set your indoor lights on a timer to turn on/off every few hours, so the lights turn off and then back on again in an hour. It is the most suitable practice to shift the times of day your timers are set every week.

6. Maintain your security systems up and driving

Even if you are no longer available in your old home, your security system can maintain peace of mind against potential theft. Make sure your system is connected to the local police station and place a security sign on the front.

7. Keep a handyman on speed dial

In the event of a pipe leak, broken device, or another simple home repair it is a good idea to call a trusted handyman. After all, you are showing your home to potential buyers – not wanting to show them a declining home.