Hiring a commercial moving company is an excellent way to relocate your business. This process is usually stressful, but the help of a reliable company can make it less stressful. A study by Budget Hauling Inc, you will learn about the different types of services offered by a professional commercial moving company. We’ll also discuss the costs involved, as well as the process of hiring a reputable moving company.

Service offered by a professional commercial moving company

Commercial moves require specialized equipment, manpower, and packing techniques. A commercial moving company can provide these services with the necessary training and advanced technology. A full-service moving plan can include everything from packing the workspace to unpacking the office furniture. This will reduce the time it takes for your staff and minimize interruption to business operations.

While many commercial moving companies offer the same service, some offer specific services. Some offer specialized packaging, IT moving, or specialized storage. When comparing quotes, be sure to ask about the specific services you require.

Cost of hiring a professional commercial moving company

The cost of hiring a professional commercial moving company can vary based on the size of the company and the number of movers needed. Most companies charge an hourly rate for their time, which includes packing, loading, and driving. Some companies charge additional fees for travel, but these fees are usually negotiable.

Typically, a three-person moving crew will charge $1,080 to move a two-bedroom apartment. For a four-person crew, the cost will be $2,160. The price varies depending on the size of the move, the number of employees, and the amount of furniture and other equipment to be moved.

Moving companies also charge extra for special circumstances, such as moving heavy items. Long carry fees are charged for long distances between the front door and the moving truck. Elevator fees are also charged for moving up and down stairs. There are also extra stop fees if additional pick-ups are required along the way.

Checking for damage in moving boxes

When moving, you want to make sure that all of your boxes are safe and secure. The most common cause of moving damage is improper packaging, so making sure that your boxes are packed properly is crucial for preventing damage. Also, make sure to use padding whenever possible, particularly for electronics and fragile items.

If you notice any damage, take pictures. These photos can serve as vital evidence for a moving company’s claims adjuster. If you are not able to provide photographic evidence, your claim will be weak. Most movers will offer basic moving insurance, but you can also purchase additional coverage. This will add to your moving bill, but it will protect you in the event of damage to your items.

Before packing fragile items, check for any damage to the boxes. If the boxes have been used to store fruits, vegetables, or chemicals, they may have holes or have other signs of wear. Old boxes may also have mold or watermarks.

Pre-hire process of a reputable commercial moving company

A reputable commercial moving company will offer services that are customized to the needs of a business. This means that your commercial move will require careful planning and preparation. A company that offers specialized moving services will help you move office equipment and furniture from one location to another.

One of the most important things to consider is the company’s insurance coverage. You should make sure that the company is insured for all of its employees and contractors. It should also offer valuation coverage for your belongings in the event of damage. Also, make sure that the moving company has a Federal Identification Number (USDOT) issued by the US Department of Transportation. You can check this number on the FMCSA website.

Checking for reviews of a commercial moving company

It is important to check for reviews of a commercial moving company before choosing one. Many people use Yelp and Google to leave reviews of their experiences, but you can also find reviews on Facebook and Angie’s List.

It is important to note that not all reviews have the same effect on the moving company, so it is essential to format your review so that your point comes across clearly.

When searching for reviews, you should focus on reputable review websites. This is a good way to avoid being scammed. For example, you shouldn’t trust a company with dozens of glowing 5-star reviews, unless the company has a great reputation. It is also important to check for reviews that mention possible scams or poor customer service. Ultimately, this helps you choose the best moving company for your needs.

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